Wholistically Made Millionaires: 6-Figure Mastermind Program


Whatever You Invest In The Program, We Promise You'll Receive Twice As Much Back. Not To Mention A Guaranteed Minimum 30% Increase In Your Revenue. Most Double That Too!

Create More Ease in Your Life and Business

If you're a business owner dealing with a disease in your business, trying to fix the symptoms is only making it worse.

Even though you may not recognize the disease, you'll recognize some of the symptoms. For 6-figure businesses, the symptoms look like:

  • Days often blur into a series of tasks, with a lingering feeling of achieving too little despite putting in long hours.

  • The unpredictable nature of business revenue, characterized by feast-or-famine cycles, leads to constant financial stress and planning difficulties.

  • A hesitancy to rely on the team, stemming from past experiences or a lack of confidence in their capabilities.

  • Battling negative emotions like frustration, disappointment, and anger, which can cloud judgment and decision-making.

  • A desire to focus on high-level tasks often gets overshadowed by getting dragged into daily operational challenges.

  • A challenge in scaling the business, moving from a small to a medium or large enterprise, while maintaining the core business values.
You may be thinking, “I have some of those symptoms, but that’s not a disease. My business isn’t sick.” Well, this disease or dis-ease means the opposite of ease.

Take a minute to think about it: Are there areas of your life or business that you don't have a sense of ease?

If so, the Wholistically Made Millionaires: 6-Figure Mastermind Program is going to show you where that dis-ease comes from and how to remove it from your life and your business.

If we measure dis-ease in your business as a lack of ease, how do we measure ease in life or business?

There are three health markers for you and your business to grow, scale, and reach your full potential — your time, money, and bandwidth.

The Wholistically Made Millionaires: 6-Figure Mastermind Program will show you how to add more time, money, and bandwidth to your life and business.

In fact, that’s one of our core promises to anyone who works with Angela or the Wholistically Made Millionaire team — We will actually double your time, money, or bandwidth. Whatever you put in, we will give you double that.

To do so, you can't take incremental steps towards success. You can't keep moving from problem to problem.

You need what we call a Wholistic Shift.

Discover the Power of The Wholistic Shift

In Wholistically Made Millionaires: 6-Figure Mastermind Program, you’ll discover the Power of the Wholistic Shift in your life and business with the help of our Elite Experts — experienced coaches who will help you transform your business from 6 figures to 7 figures and beyond with ease.

A Wholistic Shift is more than just a shift in mindset. It is a complete reset — from a brand new perspective.

Way more than just solving a problem. Way easier than a transformative journey. A Wholistic Shift is when you move above and beyond the problem and step into the person who no longer has that problem.

Like if you become a gym rat and are addicted to working out… it’s easy to go to the gym. You don’t have to force yourself to go, it’s just what you do. What many people find hard is something you do basically on autopilot.

It’s hard to explain until you’ve experienced it yourself, but when you take a Wholistically Integrated approach to change, you stop chasing solutions — moving from one problem to another.

Instead, you see things completely differently and you are able to move from opportunity to opportunity with maximum time, money, and bandwidth.

You shift from the feast and famine cycle to financial stability and sustainable business growth.

You move out of being stuck “In The Grind”, of being overwhelmed with daily operations to focusing on what truly matters.

You transition from working in your business to working on your business.

Most importantly, you strike the right balance between business expansion and personal well-being.

It makes you practically unstoppable.

That’s the power of the Wholistic Shift. You make running your business and living your best life so easy that it’s almost automatic.

One of our clients said:

“It’s like things that were hard to do, like hiring the right people, it becomes easy and almost automatic.” — Nathan Kettler

If you would like to get out of problem-solving and step into unstoppable momentum in your life and business, you’re invited to take a proven approach to unlock the life you’ve been trying to build and create a life and business beyond your wildest dreams.

What’s Included In The Program?


Wholistic Integration Mastermind Meet-Ups

Bi-Weekly Meetups

You’ll meet bi-weekly with your specially curated small group of entrepreneurs who are actually doing the darn thing. You’ll learn valuable lessons skipping years of learning curve from these uniquely designed integration sessions. This is about more than what’s working, this is about unlocking the next level in a way that is so smooth, you’ll practically feel like you’re cheating. These sessions are designed to spark creativity, foster collaboration, and accelerate your journey to success.


Wholistically Made Millionaire’s Blueprint

Roadmap to Success

Gain complete access to our proven blueprint for Wholistic success, not just in business, but in all areas of life. This comprehensive program provides a roadmap to financial freedom, business growth, and the life you have been trying to create for so long. Navigate your journey with clarity and confidence.


1:1 Private Wholistic Shift Momentum Sessions

Private Sessions

Breakthrough whatever is holding you back and actually make it easy. Benefit from personalized coaching sessions tailored to your unique needs and goals. Our experienced coaches help you move above and beyond the problem with a Wholistic Shift, providing guidance, support, and accountability to help you stay on track and achieve your objectives.


Curated Collabs With The Superhero Scale Squad

Small Group Sessions

Semi-Private Deep Dive Sessions With 'Elite Experts'. In an ultra-small group setting (2-3 people), you'll go super deep with an expert specially selected for what you need at that exact moment. The small group environment leverages the magic of small groups with the intimacy of a private session for an unbelievably productive session to keep you in massive momentum.


Small Group Integration Sessions

Group Sessions with Angela

Get fully aligned with the right strategy and the right people at the exact right time. Bi-weekly, you’ll meet with WMM founder Angela Bell directly. Acting as if she is the General Contractor for building your next-level life, she connects you with the right people based on where you are in the blueprint. These sessions ensure you're positioned for success, helping you move consistently forward with speed and momentum.

Plus, Special Gifts for You…

Live Event VIP Ticket

If you think the magic we create with the online experience is something, wait ‘til you experience it live!

The energy and growth, the connections and collaborations, the support and the love. If you’ve never experienced one of our events, it’s impossible to understand the number of Wholistic Shifts and quantum leaps you’ll make from the experience.

Live Event VIP Guest Ticket

And because the unparalleled experience of our live events is almost unbelievable, we’ll actually give you one (1) complimentary Live Event VIP Guest Ticket.

That way, you have someone who actually believes you because they experience the magic with you. And seriously, whoever you take with you will be forever grateful for the gift of the Wholistic Shift. We’re so glad we are able to offer this as part of the program!

Get out of problem-solving and being stuck “In The Grind,” and step into unstoppable momentum in your life and business with ease

Learn proven systems integrated into your unique circumstances to tap into your full potential and create the life and business you’ve always envisioned.

Meet Our Elite Experts: The Superhero Scale Squad

When we say 'Elite Experts'; what we mean is all of our coaches are extraordinary in their skill sets.

From someone who has been a part of 2 different billion-dollar executive teams, and built a business from $30 million to $1 billion in just 18 months -to- our email marketing specialist who sent over a billion marketing emails in her company just last year alone. These are not your average support staff.

Many of our experts are not even available for hire outside of our program, or it would cost way too much to get this kind of access. We have brought together the best of the best in a way that is completely unique and insanely productive.

We have experts in every area of growing and scaling a business from 6 figures to 5 Million and beyond, of course. And, not only do we have top business experts — we have specialists in all areas of life to help you live even better than the life you’ve been trying to build.

Stop doing things the hard way.

Stop leaking time, money, and bandwidth in multiple areas of your personal life and business.

Instead, invest in a program that will give you double back whatever you put in. And if doubling your time, money, and bandwidth, and giving you control, freedom, and flexibility in your life and business isn’t enough - Don’t forget we guarantee a MINIMUM 30% revenue growth. And most double that too!

Stop doing things the hard way.

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